About Melissa

Melissa is well known for her work in medical freedom advocacy groups across the country. A Graduate from UCLA, she has almost two decades of a strong background in education, statistical data analysis, mathematics, nutrition and sports medicine. Melissa testified during the CA Legislative Assembly on the impact of SB277 which removed personal belief exemptions from parents with legitimate concerns. She has since used her extensive experience to co-found both the Immunity Education Group and The Vaccine Conversation podcast with Dr. Sears. She is the mother of two children, one of whom experienced multiple adverse reactions in the first year after receiving a cumulative of 19 doses of vaccines. Melissa is passionate about helping people understand the facts, look at the entire data-based picture, and make informed decisions. She supports medical CHOICE and is against any type of mandate involving medical interventions. She lives in Southern California with her two children where she records her brand-new podcast on the evidence-based unpopular opinion: “What They Aren’t Telling You.”

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