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Acceptance is a mother——- 😂😂😬😬

Namaste. 🧘🏻‍♀️ 😉
What if we are really succeeding when are in times of the unknown or uncertainty? What if that is actually the evidence of truly moving forward in life? It doesn’t feel like it, because uncertainty feels like stagnancy or worse, a setback to progress.

But what if that’s actually the sign of being on the right track??
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***This is a FB group which is designed for those who have recently gone through or are currently going through what feels like a significant health challenge in their lives. It may have started as mysterious symptoms, it may be chronic illness/pain, and/or it could involve physical, mental, and emotional components. It is a place for encouragement, support, validation, perspective, and love. No agenda, no curriculum, no plan — just community and strength for one another.

It will be completely private, hence the need for invite only. PM me with a little about your health struggle to be included.***
This may or may not describe me.🤭
I finally figured out my health situation! 🙌🙌🙌
Can We Love Ourselves in a Radical Way?
Powerful. Take a moment to think about how you respond to fear. Do you push it away? Distract yourself with something else? Try to think positive thoughts instead? What if invalidating its presence actually made it grow stronger within you?