Now THIS pisses me off. Opening up our High Five and Highlights magazines this month (for 3-7 year …

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😡 Now THIS pisses me off. Opening up our High Five and Highlights magazines this month (for 3-7 year olds), I found *at least* five different pages that showed people with masks on.

These are young and impressionable children…what are we doing to them?? Isn’t this all supposed to be temporary? 🤔 If so, then what’s the point of drawing cartoons and teaching children that this is somehow normal???

They are PROGRAMMING them to be compliant. Programming children to think masks are simply what you wear when you do ballet, shop for a Christmas tree, and spend time by the vacation pool.

This is an outrage! We are supposed to be safeguarding them from mental damage and harm as a result of this entire thing. Instead, they are forcing them right into the middle of it. Shameful.

Highlights for Children



  1. Jenny Mink DeMaria

    That is such fucking bullshit. Exactly. Isn’t this supposed to be temporary?!!!?

  2. Joyce Marie

    I agree! I won’t watch shows with masks! (Hear that, tv channels!)
    I am an artist, and someone asked me to draw a Santa with a mask, as a favor, for a sign. I couldn’t do it. It was too disturbing to think of…

  3. Sarah Wells

    This stuff makes my blood boil. Here’s the book at the checkout of a local educational supply store that I visited Wednesday. What the actual heck?!

  4. Jordan Ohrt

    I am so sad. I want to be able to get away from the crap in my own home and I can’t even watch some of my fav tv shows and then I open my kids’ magazines to this crap!! 😭

  5. Erik Brown

    It’s all about ushering in the vax shots. It’s a worldwide swindle. Headed by good ‘ol Uncle Bill and friends.

  6. Julie Igel

    Omg!! I just got this for 3 of my nieces and nephews!!!

  7. Natalie Ann Patterson Holley

    Well the patriots better act and act quickly to put a stop to this nonsense! I still have the faith, don’t you?

  8. Jennifer Louise

    Whyyyy are they wearing masks inside the house?!!!

  9. Lana LaMuse

    #boycott and prepare to take this shit to the streets. At some point, keyboard warrioring is no longer enough.

  10. Jessica Raub

    This is pure insanity. I am growing more and more irate by the minute…

  11. Dee Hicks

    Time to write some kid books about being freedom fighters. Making hero’s.

  12. Lenore O-w

    Yes! We just cancelled. Made me soooo mad!!!! 😡😡

  13. Jen Glover Bishop

    Oh man if a magazine arrives here like that I’ll be cancelling

  14. June Boone

    I felt the same way. I need to write to them that we won’t be renewing our subscriptions 😡

  15. Misti Fyffe

    Yes we got this too and I threw it away! Pisses me off

  16. Holly Williams

    What’s even more gross is parents integrating this mask bullshit on their Christmas decorations like seriously WTF why would anyone be proud of this sick shit

  17. Kara Rice

    Agreed! This is horrible! My kids will never be exposed to it.

  18. Christy James

    Unfortunately, Highlights is part of the liberal propaganda arm.

  19. Linda Anderson

    I subscribe to High Five for my 3 year old grandson. When I saw the pictures of masked children, I set the magazine aside. I refuse to subject him to this normalization and propaganda. I posted a comment on the Highlights Magazine customer service portal expressing my concern and stated I will cancel my subscription should future editions continue to normalize masking. The current edition is going into the shredder.

  20. Tara Mumford

    Many people in my local homeschool groups have already wrote letters to editor and cancelled their subscriptions because of this!

  21. Sherri Romig

    There are posts on their page from people *thanking* them for these mask pages, and if you scroll back further, *asking for it*

  22. Andrea C. Snyder

    Unbelievable. And yet not surprising. They’re really trying to sell this new normal $#*+.

  23. Kristin Anne

    Almost all kids media is awful propaganda and programming. I only order from Christian sites.

  24. Tasha DeBlaker

    I just checked our newest order of this magazine and you are right! There’s 3 stories where the characters have Masks on. It’s the Dec. 2020 issue.
    PS. I knew it was going to be a more permanent thing when the stores came out with fashion masks and outfit accessory masks. No one puts that much money into product they don’t intend to sell.

  25. Jacki Phoenix Maui

    Time to create mask-free, healthy magazines for children! Bye bye Highlights!

  26. Rick Dale

    The new Hitler Youth…

  27. Brittany Watkins

    This is getting insane. Pinkfong also has done videos on masks and social distancing for toddlers !. My two yo loves pinkfong but im more cautious now

  28. Erin Elizabeth

    Dang. My mother in law just told me my kids should start receiving them in December sometimes because she got them a subscription 😒

  29. Min-min Pacs

    I just cancelled our 2 subscriptions!

  30. Brooke Clapp

    They are normalizing everything that is wrong

  31. Allison Reed Blake

    Melissa Floyd- Someone I know is selling this “Christmas” decoration! 🤮

  32. Danielle Jay

    Children exercising with masks on!!!!! 😠😠😠


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