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What happens when the information you are given ISN’T the whole story?


What happens when discussing a complex issue, you are the ONLY one going against the pack?


My goal is to bring thoughtful and in-depth discussion to the table, both with interviews and my own commentary. ❤️


Open minds necessary, critical thinkers welcome.



Episode 1: “Why Are People Getting Upset When You Disprove Racism?” – Interview with Chi Brown (Part 1)

Episode 1: “Why Are People Getting Upset When You Disprove Racism?” – Interview with Chi Brown (Part 1)

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I’d say the last 3-4 years at least….
😳😳😳. In what ways do we add fuel to the fire when we don’t need to? Shit happens in life, but is suffering our own doing? 🤔
Valuable info. Something I need to work on. When challenges arise, it can be easy to go to the worst-case scenario and worry about all the “what ifs”. This becomes a cycle that sometimes doesn’t include any optimism and it’s up to US to sprinkle that in, until eventually the hopeful become more frequent than the doomsday.
Sometimes you have to admit where you are.
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Dear self,

I understand you. I know that you're exhausted and that level of exhaustion is far beyond from what your crates of energy could handle. All those times you struggle to think clearly or times you struggle even on simplest or basic things, those are the times you just want to sit under the shower or isolate yourself in your room to cry everything. I know that there are times you don't want to respond to messages or times you just want to cover your ears to know what peace or quiet really mean.

You've been working so hard to pick up your scattered broken pieces and to calm down all the things that keeps you up all night. You keep on trying to fill up the empty spaces in your heart not knowing that there are times that you tried so hard to the extent that you're being too hard to yourself. I am sorry for being so hard to you. I am sorry for making you feel so small and make you work hard to be better right away.

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🙏❤️😭 I want this so much. I want to claim this state of deep peace and a release of suffering!

(Eckhart Tolle)

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I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling called out here. 😂 But seriously, this is spot on. Anxiety since childhood and all of this. 😬

What are you going through now?
If this wasn’t so long I’d have it tattooed on me.